New York, NY

Nothing but Your Best:
A Coming of Age Story for Every Age
Chasing Dreams * Perservering * Redefining Success

Matt McCue tells a tale about himself, two coaches and a wise mother. And you can feel the sweat dripping off the words as the story takes its course. Like those great songs that travel from generation to generation, his words are simple and memorable. “An Honorable Run” is not about stats, times and medals, but rather soul, determination and passion. McCue’s journey runs tomorrow’s dreams to the present.
McCue, an un-recruited University of Colorado runner, was a walk-on athlete who willed himself to become part of a championship team led by the legendary Coach Mark Wetmore. McCue ran in the middle of a herd that was led by future Olympians and American Record holders Jorge Torres and Dathan Ritzenhein. Only one person believed he’d succeed, the underdog himself.

The story takes a lonely trail and makes it full with insight and humility.  McCue speaks for boys and girls chasing their dreams on the prairies, in small towns and on our forgotten urban streets. He gives voice to the contender who wakes at 5 a.m. when the wind is knocking on a sub-freezing door. He spatters the listener with the wet earth that covers head to toe mud-caked bodies of people who are willing to collapse as they cross the finish line. He speaks for the believers and those yet to become believers. Though he competes in a singlet, it’s that American blue collar grit that he wears so honorably.

Above all, McCue reminds us that we can’t achieve our dreams alone. His high school coach, Iowa City Regina’s Bob Brown, had a collection of motivational sayings that could fill more than a few T-shirts. “Today I gave everything I had. What I’ve kept, I’ve lost forever,” and “Do things the right way, even when no one is looking”. Brown nurtured an entire town because his lessons about sports were really lessons about life. Yet McCue never listened. Only by leaving his mentor for college was McCue truly able to come of age and fully understand his coach’s wisdom: Success is not defined by a gold medal around your neck, but by giving “Nothing but your best”. McCue shares a powerful message hat will leave every listener on the edge of their seat.

 About the Speaker:

Matt McCue is an author and speaker living in Manhattan. He is a contributor to ESPN The Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, New York, Running Times and Runner’s World.  Recommended by Sports Illustrated, An Honorable Run is his first book. He has shared his story at over 75 middle and high schools, leadership seminars, colleges and universities around the country. Appearances include:

  • National Council on Youth Leadership, Iowa City Chapter

  • Nike Running Camps in North Carolina and Vermont

  • The Fargo Marathon

  • The New York City Marathon Expo

  • Nike Cross Nationals, Nike Headquarters, Oregon

  • The University of Utah, Utah

  • York High School, Illinois

  • Jesuit High School, Oregon


"Having emceed over 500 race talks the past three decades, you might think there are no 'originals' left to take the stage. Fortunately, I was introduced to Matt McCue at an event this past Spring.

Matt's crisp, conversational and inspired presentation left the audience (and me) wanting him to suspend the imposed time limit and forge on!

In this season of typically senior, experienced and expected speakers, Matt McCue is a fresh, young face who displays wit with wisdom in spite of his youth. Highly recommended speaker!"

Creigh Kelley, President BKB Ltd.

“Matt has the gift to be able to develop rapport with an audience. Having felt a connection to Matt from reading his book I hoped he could bring that same connection to our students when he spoke with them in person. And WOW! Within moments the students were riveted. Very quickly I saw kids nod their heads and I had the sense they were saying . . . “Me too.“ His story and interaction with his audience will inspire people young and old to find within themselves more than they thought was possible. The audience will in turn be challenged to raise their belief in themselves and those around them.”

Tom Rothenberger, Assistant Athletic Director, Jesuit High School, Oregon

“Over my 39 years of directing the Smoky Mountains Running Camp and 37 years of co-directing the Green Mountain Running Camp in Vermont, I have listened to an extensive roster of featured speakers. If we had a Camp Speakers Hall of Fame, Matt McCue would immediately be eligible for induction. His talks to the campers at both locations this summer were outstanding. They were riveting. They were funny. They were professionally prepared and delivered. Based on his experiences detailed in his book, "An Honorable Run," Matt's presentation is one if the best I've ever heard. I highly recommend him.”

Coach Roy Benson, Founder Nike Smoky Mountain Running Camp